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Karma cornucopia

For the last few weeks I have felt like I have been surrounded by more good karma than any one person deserves!  Life is good, great, wonderful in fact!  And good things keep falling into my lap!  I am meeting lots of wonderful people, I am doing lots of fun things, I’m healthy, I have more than what I need to be comfortable in life, and I have the opportunity to give back to lots of people in so many different ways!   Every day I wake up and I’m excited about the day ahead.

I have had a few moments this past week when something temporarily put a dent in my shine. But each time a minor miracle seemed to happen to make everything work out anyway.  Maybe they were just coincidences, but I like to think of them as little examples of karma in action!

Example 1: I missed a course that I really wanted to go on, and I was grumbling to myself about how I was going to find another one.  Then, minutes later, I got an email from a club that I had just joined a few days before, notifying me that they were offering free places on  a course coming up (a repeat of exactly the same course that I had just missed).  I replied, and got a free place!  Just-in-time-karma!

Example 2: I was feeling a bit anxious one day about having too many things to do. I was wishing that I hadn’t said yes to a lunch function that I really didn’t want to go to. Then, minutes later, I got an email from one of the organisers saying that she was really sorry but the lunch had been cancelled.  Problem solved!

I have started to wonder whether I’m just really lucky right now, or whether the fact that I’ve been happy and meditating regularly and sending out my good vibes to the world is what’s led to all this goodness coming back my way.  It also occurs to me that many of the things that are bringing me such joy have maybe been there so often before, but I just never noticed them before!

Little things do make such a big difference.  I’ve been bouncing around the place, grinning like an idiot, laughing in delight at trivial little things, and telling everyone within earshot how great life is.  This in turn has made people smile and laugh (maybe at me, but hey, it’s still an extra smile and a laugh they may not have had otherwise!) and be really friendly in return.  This morning when I went to get my coffee, the girl serving handed over my coffee and said “here you go, one coffee made with love”.  That made me smile all day!  I told my students about it when I got to class and I was raving on about what a lovely day it was and how blue the sky was and one of them said “I want some of whatever she’s on”! That made me laugh even more, and I told them “I’m just on meditation, and guess what… it’s FREE!  How cool is that?!”  They had to laugh.  And that’s how we started our day of class, with lots of people laughing.  Who could ask for more?!

I haven’t forgotten anicca, the fact that existence is about constant change, so I am living these good karma days with joy and gratitude, and with the awareness that they may not continue forever.  But for now, I’m living it up, and loving every moment, and sending my excess good karma your way!